What is Opti-Diesel?


  • A patented (US patent 8513153) blend of transition metal oxides diluted in an organic solvent and dispersed in fuel that acts as both an oxidation and reduction catalyst.
  • A catalyst is a material that increases the rate of a reaction.
  • Opti-Diesel was primarily designed to work in diesel fuel, but Opti-Diesel also works in many other liquid carbon based fuels.
  • Opti-Diesel improves combustion efficiency and power output of an engine by lowering the activation energy required to initiate combustion, giving you a higher net energy output. This means you need less fuel to do the required amount of work, and at the same time produce fewer emissions.
  • Opti-Diesel contains catalysts that also work to reduce harmful exhaust emissions to levels even lower than those noted due to reduced fuel usage.
  • The components of Opti-Diesel are fully REACH compliant.